Dogs In Review February/March 2007 Table of Contents

February 1, 2007




Dogs In Review February/March 2007

February/March 2007

Page 30

10 Questions Asked

10 questions asked of the 2005 Dogs In Review WInkie® Award Winners: Peggy and David Helming — Outstanding Breeders.

By Richard G. Beauchamp

Page 38

Westminster 2007: BIS and Group Judges


Page 48

A Unique Specialty Club

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of Canada Specialty Show 2006.


By Mike Macbeth

Page 52

Health Matters: OCD Osteochondritis Dissecans


By Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

Page 58

Junior Showmanship

Junior showmanship on weekdays — good, bad or ugly? Juniors weigh in.


By Kate Eldredge

Page 78

My Two Cents

Where is the quality?

By Sid Marx

Page 92


How well do you know the rules of the game?

By Nikki Riggsbee

Page 94

5 Minutes With Dana Cline and Ms. Shelley Hennessy


Page 98

World Dog Show 2006: Poznan, Poland

By Dawne Deeley

Page 132

A Dogs In Review Kennel Feature

Wanjon's Russet Leather Vizslas.

By Sue LeMieux

Page 148

The AKC Museum of the Dog


By Sue LeMieux

Page 170

Del Valle Dog Fanciers and the Master Class

By Richard G. Beauchamp

Page 174

Remembering Michael Allen

Page 176

The 6th Annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

By Bo Bengtson

Page 188

Honorees for the 2006 AKC Awards for Canine Excellence

By Christi McDonald

Page 192

Dogs In Review Interviews AKC President Dennis B. Sprung

By Bo Bengtson

Page 210

The Contenders for the Purina ProPlan Showdogs of the Year Awards

Page 220

Professional Handler Index

Page 240

AKC Chairman's Report

Page 259

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary

Looking back... moving forward.

By Christi McDonald

Page 340

A Matter of Opinion

By Arnold Woolf

Page 353

Dogs In Review Interviews Maxine Beam

By Bo Bengtson

Page 384

The Great Ones

The story of Traveller Ch. Gretchenhof Columbia River.

By Kerrin Winter Churchill

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8 | Editor’s Page by Christi McDonald More>>

10 | Anne Rogers Clark

14 | Opening Space: A Whole World of Dogs More>>

22 | O Canada: From the East, by Clive Davies, From the West, by Dawne Deeley

82 | The British Connection: Tail Docking Ban, Bureaucracy, Top Dogs 2006
by Simon Parsons

112 | World in Review: Finland, Sweden, South Africa, Belgium, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand
by Karen Steinrock 

420 | Show Scene: AKC Best in Show Winners in December

433 | Breed Notes and Show Dates

436 | Rates and Deadlines

438| Barkback / Letters

439 | Advertiser Index

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