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August 1, 2012




Dogs In Review August 2012

August 2012

Page 58

The Top Contenders for the 2012 Show Dogs of the Year Awards

Page 64

The AKC Chairman's Report

A shared agenda for success.

By Alan Kalter

Page 66

You Said It

The Last Five Miles.

By John S. Contoupe

Page 68

Ann Arbor Sizzles

America discovers Columbus, Water Spaniel Triumphs

By Bo Bengtson

Page 90

Dogs In Review Presents the Nominating Committee for the 2012 Winkies® for Annual Achievement

By Richard G. ("Rick") Beauchamp

Page 94

Inside the Mind of Armando Angelbello

Marlex Miniature Pischers, Winner of the 2011 Best Owner-Handler Winkie.

By Richard G. ("Rick") Beauchamp

Page 106


How well do you know owner-handlers?

By Nikki Riggsbee

Page 136

Canada's Top 10 Dogs

By Lee Steeves

Page 150

The Kelly Girls

Amanda and Wendy Kelly remember Fwaggle's origins and anticipate the future. More>>

By Lee Steeves

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6 | Editor’s Page by Allan Reznik More>>

10 | Bo Bengtson At Large: Grand Champions — and Others More>>

14 | Success in Show Dogs: Words to Our New Judges
by Richard G. ("Rick") Beauchamp

30 | All My Views: A Summer Heat Wave, Positive Delegate Meeting and Rallying for the AKC Gazette
by Blackie Nygood

34 | In the Public Eye: "My Dog" Event: Something to Bark About
by Karen Steinrock 

38 | The British Connection: "Puppy Farmers" and KC Registration, Rains Ruin Shows, Blackpool Canceled, PBGV in the Lead
by Simon Parsons

46 | World in Review: Scandanavia, Europe, Australia

126 | Show Scene: Mid June to July 2012
by Paula Pascoe 

148 | O Canada
By Dawne Deeley

155 | 

156 | Barkback / Letters

158 | Rates and Deadlines

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