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March 20, 2013




March 2013

March 2013

Page 22

The AKC Chairman's Report

Relentless positive action.
By Alan Kalter


Page 42

Rose City Classic

By John Rowton


Page 44

The Akita Club of America Returns to Portland

By Wendy Sorrell


Page 56


How to ensure your bloodline goes forward. Read More>>
By Jonathan Jeffrey Kimes


Page 64

The Facts About the AKC

The AKC responds to an article published by The New York Times. Read More>>
By Alan Kalter


Page 88

So Grows Our Garden

The 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, February 11-12, 2013. More about Westminster>>
By Gay Dunlap


Page 112

First Assignment at the Garden

By Jerry Klein


Page 114

Show Dogs of the Year Awards

The true essence of AKC breeders. Read More>>
By Andrew DePrisco


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6 | Editor’s Page by Allan Reznik More>>

10 | From My Perspective: Apprenticeship: Success Through Study More>>
by Jason Hoke

30 | Success in Show Dogs: Much Ado About Something!
by Richard G. ("Rick") Beauchamp

38 | The British Connection: Crufts, Kennel Club News and the Manchester Show
by Simon Parsons

40 | Health Matters: Safe Travels for Your Dog
by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

76 |

121 | Show Scene: Late January to Mid-February 2013

126 | Rates and Deadlines

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