Professional Handlers Quiz

Test your knowledge and memory by matching these former handlers with their breeds.

By Allan Reznik |

Professional Handlers


Professional handlers pride themselves on their versatility but, like all of us, are probably best known for showing a particular breed. Test your knowledge and memory by matching these former handlers with their breeds.

Once you've matched the handler on the left to the breed on the right, scroll down to see the answers.

Note that there are some multiples in the right-hand column.

Good Luck!

1. Hannelore Heller
a. Bouvier des Flandres
2. Bill Liles
b. Great Dane
3. Mitch Wooten
c. Doberman Pinscher
4. Jane Kay
d. Dachshund
5. Eugene Haupt
e. Whippet
6. Lina Basquette
f. Labrador Retriever
7. George Alston
g. Irish Setter
8. Clara Alford
h. Afghan Hound
9. Elliott Weiss
i. Borzoi
10. Alan Levine
j. Poodle
11. Roy Holloway
k. Dachshund
12. Robert Sharp
l. Doberman Pinscher
13. Jack Patterson
m. Chihuahua
14. Edd Ablett
n. Welsh Springer Spaniel
15. Laddie Carswell
o. Irish Setter
16. Clay Coady
p. English Foxhound
17. Daniel Augustus
q. Affenpinscher
18. Connie Barton
r. Poodle
19. Mary Dukes
s. Newfoundland
20. Lorraine Heichel
t. Terriers



Scroll down to see the answers.













1. Hannelore Heller (d or k) Dachshund
2. Bill Liles (h) Afghan Hound
3. Mitch Wooten (j or r) Poodle
4. Jane Kay (c or l) Doberman Pinscher
5. Eugene Haupt (l or c) Doberman Pinscher
6. Lina Basquette (b) Great Dane
7. George Alston (g or o) Irish Setter
8. Clara Alford (m) Chihuahua
9. Elliott Weis (o or g) Irish Setter
10. Alan Levine (s) Newfoundland

11. Roy Holloway (a) Bouvier des Flandres
12. Robert Sharp (q) Affenpinscher
13. Jack Patterson (p) English Foxhound
14. Edd Ablett (i) Borzoi
15. Laddie Carswell (n) Welsh Springer Spaniel
16. Clay Coady (t) Terriers
17. Daniel Augustus (r or j) Poodle
18. Connie Barton (f) Labrador Retriever
19. Mary Dukes (e) Whippet
20. Lorraine Heichel (k or d) Dachshund


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