Flat-Coated Retriever

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:England
AKC Group:Sporting Group
UKC Group:Gun Dog
Use today:Bird dog, retrieving trials
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Color:Solid black or liver.
Coat:Dense, fine, glossy, as flat as possible and resilient to the touch.
Grooming:Brush regularly. Trim feet and ears as needed.
Size:Medium Dog Breed
Height:22 to 24.5 inches at the shoulder
Weight:Proportiante to height

Credit for development of the Flat-Coated Retriever is given to a sportsman, S.E. Shirley, whose other noteworthy accomplishment was the founding of The Kennel Club (England) in 1873. How the Flat-Coat was developed is unclear, but it is thought that the breed is a mixture of various sporting breeds combined with Collie breeding to give added working ability and a straighter coat. Until World War I, this was among the most popular of show dogs in Britain, as well as a favorite in the field. Since then, both the Labrador and Golden Retrievers have surpassed the Flat-Coat in popularity, but the breed retains a loyal following. Fanciers value the Flat-Coat as much for its working ability as for its handsome appearance. The breed is upstanding and balanced but not extreme in any feature. Weight ranges from 60 to 70 pounds. The coat is dense, fine, glossy, as flat as possible and resilient to the touch. The occasional bath and frequent brushing keep it in condition. The Flat-Coat is loyal, protective, affectionate and good with children. It adapts well to city or country living, provided it gets lots of outdoor activity.


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