Havana Silk Dog

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Cuba
AKC Group:Rare
UKC Group:Rare
Use today:Companion
Color:Any color or combination of colors as long as the nose is black.
Coat:Flat, soft and silky with a slight wave.
Size:Small Dog Breed
Height:not specified
Weight:not specified

In 2000, a small group of Havanese breeders in the United States set out to selectively breed dogs in order to “recreate” what they believed was the true native Cuban breed of old that was popular about 150 years ago. Although created from modern day Havanese, the Havana Silk Dog has longer, straighter legs; a longer neck and muzzle; and smaller ears. Havana Silk Dogs are small, charming, silky-haired companions. They adore people and need to be part of daily life with their human families. These dogs don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time. Surprisingly athletic for their size; HSDs excel in dog sports, such as agility and rally. Daily exercise and training sessions will burn off energy. HSDs can be any color other than chocolate and dilute blue. Some allergy sufferers do well with a Havana Silk Dog because the flat, silky coat is low shedding.

Photo courtesy of Joanne V. Baldwin, D.V.M.


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