Natural Dog Care

Treating Dog Separation Anxiety

Medication, herbal remedies and pheromone products help manage canine separation anxiety.

What Is Arthritis?

Discover the signs of arthritis and the many natural therapies available to your pets.

Doggie Massage

Treat your dog to a relaxing massage that will improve her health, too.

Ease Your Dog's Hip Dysplasia Naturally

Try these holistic methods to prevent or reduce the effects of hip dysplasia.

Principles and Practices of Herbalism

Herbs can help promote a harmonious rhythm and balance in your pet's mind, body, spirit, and environment.


Arthritis in Dogs: What You Can Do at Home

Caring for your arthritic dog involves paying attention to his comfort.

Common Natural Remedies Used by Veterinarians

Ease your dog's ailment with these supplements.

Herbs Used as Substitutes for Conventional Drugs

Natural supplements to cure your dog's ailments.

Safe Garlic Supplements for Dogs

Learn how this natural supplement can cure your dog's ailments.

Establishing a Healthcare Regimen for Your Dog

Should you choose holistic care, conventional care or both?


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