Jack Russell Terrier

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:England
AKC Group:Rare
UKC Group:Terrier
Use today:Earthdog, agility, terrier races
Life Span:14 to 15 years
Color:Predominately white with tan, black, or brown markings
Coat:Smooth and hard, rough, or broken (mid-way between smooth and rough).
Grooming:Brush weekly for smooth and broken coats; rough coats should be professionally hand-stripped
Size:Small Dog Breed
Height:10 to 15 inches.
Weight:12 to 18 pounds.

Fearless, happy and active aptly describe the Jack Russell Terrier. A working dog through and through, this tough, lively terrier is always on its toes, looking for the next activity or adventure. Its dark, almond-shaped eyes sparkle with life and intelligence. Developed by an English reverend named Jack Russell to hunt and bolt foxes in the 1800s, variations of these dogs today might be known as Parson Russell Terriers, Russell Terriers or Jack Russell Terriers depending on the registry. For instance, a breed called a Jack Russell Terrier is provisionally recognized by the international kennel club (Federation Cynologique Internationale), but this version is actually a "shorty," which is a Jack with slightly stubby legs. Despite its fiery demeanor and larger-than-life personality, the Jack Russell Terrier stands just 10 to 15 inches tall at the withers. Its slightly square body should be balanced and proportionate, and in solid working condition. Everything about it, from the athletic body, flexible chest, muscular legs and hand-hold tail, are meant to increase the dog's ability to chase foxes above and below ground. The JRT's dense, hard, weather-resistant double coat may be smooth, broken or rough, but is always predominantly white, with tan, brown, black or black-and-tan markings. This extremely high-energy and mischievous dog requires early and regular training, ample socialization and plenty to do. (Editor's Note: As of April 1, 2003, the American Kennel Club changed the breed name from Jack Russell Terrier to Parson Russell Terrier.) .

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