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Once you have a satisfied client, ask them if they have friends who could use your services, too. If someone is happy with the way you have done the job, he or she likely will recommend you to someone else.

Do We Have a Deal?
Once someone is interested, the first thing you need to do is set up a meeting or a phone conversation. Never meet or talk to a potential client without your parents present (unless it is someone they know, and they give you permission). Invite the client and his or her dog to your home or have your parents take you to the clients home. It is important to meet the dog as well as his owner. Again, make sure your parents go with you or are  home when the potential client comes over.

A meeting is important because this is when you and the owner will discuss your expectations. For your part, ask the owner what days and times your services are needed, and discuss your fee.

Although your parents probably will have some questions of their own, don't let them control the conversation. This will be your job, your responsibility, so make sure that you are in charge. (Talk with your parents before the meeting, so they can recommend  some questions to ask.)

Have a piece of paper to write down the information that you and your potential client discuss. A preprinted piece of paper with blank spaces for important info is best. It also will help you remember to ask for all the information you'll need.

If your parents give the client an OK, then you can begin your new job.

Final Preparations
Often you will need to get keys to the clients house because the owner won't be home. Find out how to get a key or where the key is hidden so that you can get into the house to do your job. Make sure you have a phone number where the owner (or someone with a key) can be reached in case of an emergency.

Then, find out about the dog. Where will the dog be when you arrive? Where are the leash and the all-important poop bags kept?

Ask about the dogs normal routine. Does the dog like to walk the same route? Does he like long walks or short ones? Is he friendly to other dogs and people? Is there a specific neighborhood dog (or something else) that makes him nervous or angry? Does he try to chase squirrels and pull hard on the leash?

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