Are You Ready for a Puppy?

Important things to consider when getting a puppy.


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    c. Stick its nose in it

    d. Knock myself on the head with a rolled-up newspaper for not figuring out this would happen

The correct answer is d. With a new puppy you can expect accidents to happen, especially if your puppy is running around the house loose, or if you're gone for more than a couple hours. Puppies have tiny bladders and weak sphincter muscles that just can't hold it for very long. And of course, a puppys short memory won't make a connection between the distant past (which to a puppy may be three minutes ago) and your having a fit, yelling or striking it. Give yourself 2 points for d. 

9.  I plan to feed my puppy:

    a. Table scraps

   b. A raw diet

   c. A high-quality commercial diet

    d. A good home-cooked meal

For most people, the best answer is c. Table scraps are usually nutritionally unbalanced, and a raw diet may include bacteria. A home-cooked meal can be a great idea for those who really know what they're doing. Balancing the nutrients, particularly minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, can be tricky, though, and unbalanced meals can lead to developmental disorders.

The majority of people should play it safe with a high-quality commercial puppy diet. It is absolutely critical that growing puppies receive a correct balance of calcium and phosphorus, and commercial diets supply it. So, if you really know what you're doing, you can count d as a correct answer, too! Give yourself 1 point for c or d. 

10.  I have about this much time a day to devote to training, walking and playing with a puppy:

    a. Ten minutes

    b. Half an hour

   c. One hour

    d. Three hours

The more the better, but your puppy won't do well without at least an hours undivided attention a day from you. These needy little critters thrive on attention. If you have a very busy life, but still want a dog, consider adopting an older dog with a more independent personality or even consider a cat. Give yourself 1 point for b, 2 points for c and 3 points for d.

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