Puppy-Socialization Checklist

Socializing your puppy is a crucial step in its development. The more positive encounters he experiences, the better!


For a puppy, the world is full of new and exciting sights, sounds and smells. Help it become a confident canine by exposing it to the following objects and experiences. But remember: Control each experience to make it a positive one. These early interactions can be major factors in future behavior.

Meeting People
 • Meet 100 new people in 100 days
 • Men with beards
 • People with hats
 • Very tall people
 • Very small people
 • Children
 • People with different complexions
 • Elderly people

Objects to Encounter
 • Umbrellas
 • Canes
 • Wheelchairs
 • Bikes
 • Jangling keys
 • Upside-down chairs
 • Noisy kitchen appliances
 • Television
 • Vacuum

Meeting Animals
 • Other puppies
 • Adult dogs of the same breed
 • Dogs of different breeds
 • Cats
 • Other animal species

Environmental Factors
 • Cars and trucks
 • Sudden loud noises
 • Veterinary clinic
 • Wind
 • Crates
 • Dog
 • Stairs
 • Being alone
 • Music
 • Shows/trials

Being Handled
 • Grooming
 • Examining teeth
 • Trimming nails
 • Baths

Body Awareness
 • Climbing over moving objects
 • Slippery floors
 • Grass
 • Puddles
 • Concrete

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Dan   Zion, IL

7/16/2009 8:54:45 AM

Where is a good close place for me to sign up for puppy socialization

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