Socialization Etiquette

Many lasting friendships happen because of interactions with other dog owners.

By Katie Matola |

When socializing your puppy, remember to ask politely before letting your puppy approach another dog or person. Not all dogs or people enjoy such interaction. In addition, ask before you take your puppy into any building besides your own house.

Many people will also approach you to touch your puppy. Encourage this behavior, but if people touch your puppy without asking, take the opportunity to cheerfully remind them that, for safety's sake, they should ask before touching a strange dog.

Many lasting friendships happen because of interactions with other dog owners. Puppy socialization can also mean great socialization for you!


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Christine Trotta   Kingston, NY

7/26/2006 5:45:13 AM

I truly believe in socializing. I have an 8 month old Pittbull, and since i got her at 8weeks shes went everywhere with me , anyone who wanted to hold her could do so , they hugged her and kissed her and just loved her. She has to be the sweetest dog ive even owned and very submissive to all size dogs, she'll drop right down to the grownd for a pomerainian its the cutiest thing. Eveyone says how sweet and kind she is ,And its all in socializing and love she gets at home,at 50 pounds she my little lap dog " Ela Baloubeebear Trotta Rosier" Thats my daughter

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