Housetraining a Puppy From Day One

Use persistence and lots of praise to teach your puppy potty manners.


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During your lunch break, go home to let your puppy outside. If you can't, consider hiring a pet sitter, or asking a neighbor.

Housetraining pads are an unnecessary step in the housetraining process, according to Jackson. Your puppy is capable of learning right from the start that the appropriate place to eliminate is outside.

When an accident happens, don't yell, hit or rub his nose in the mess.

If you catch puppy in the act, clap your hands and startle him, she says. Then scoop him up, take him to the backyard, and reward him for finishing out there.

With consistency, your puppy will start reliably going outside within several weeks, but Jackson warns not to let him have too much freedom, too soon. It can take up to nine months, she says, before he's fully trained.

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Nia   Krazo, AL

1/29/2012 4:48:26 PM

This is awesome! I have looked everywhere for training that works but i haven't been successful. But when I tryed this it worked immediately! Thank You.

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