Training the Border Collie Puppy

A solid education in obedience and leadership is essential to teach your Border Collie the rules of his new human world.

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Speaking of "escape artists," we must mention safety outdoors. A Border Collie may try to escape from a fenced yard due to boredom or if something worth investigating is on the other side. Being an extremely athletic and agile dog, a Border Collie can jump even a 6-foot-high fence! Thus, a higher fence is recommended, embedded at least a foot into the ground to prevent digging under, as a Border intent on escaping can be very determined, perhaps even trying to chew through wooden fencing. They are also very clever at figuring out how to open gates and undo latches, so you will need to dog-proof your latch as well. Putting a Border Collie out alone in a fenced yard is not sufficient for his exercise, as he needs to be challenged. If left out alone in the yard, he may well become bored and focus his attention on escaping to give himself something to do.

Accessories for Puppy
You should have all of the necessary accessories on hand before the pups arrival. 

You probably live near one of the large pet-supply stores or a good independently owned pet-supply shop. Employees of either type of store should be able to help you find what you need and give helpful guidance. Your breeder also can recommend products based on what he has found helpful for his own dogs.

You will need some grooming equipment for your Border Collie. At this early stage, a good-quality comb and a natural-bristle brush, or possibly a good slicker brush, will be your principal needs. A grooming glove, also called a "hound glove," can also be useful, especially for a smooth-coated Border Collies puppy coat. You will also need canine nail clippers, doggie toothbrushing tools and soft cotton pads to keep the eyes and ears clean. You may want to purchase an ear-cleaning product from the pet shop or your vet; tear-stain-removal products for the areas around the eyes are also available.

Where your puppy is to sleep will be a major consideration, and you should start as you mean to go on. Most breeders and trainers recommend crate training, so you should accustom your puppy to sleeping in his crate. A crate is your most valuable tool for house-training your puppy, and his favorite place to feel secure. Crates come in three varieties: wire, fabric mesh and the familiar plastic or fiberglass airline-type crate. Wire or fabric-mesh crates offer the best ventilation and view for the dog, and some conveniently fold up suitcase-style. A fabric-mesh crate might be a little risky, however, for the youngster who likes to dig and chew. The airline-type crates are most popular for travel.

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