Your Working Puppy

Working-breed dogs can make great pets if fully integrated into their family packs.

Greater Swiss Mountain DogBrought to you by Training Your Puppy in 5 Minutes

These breeds were developed for a variety of tasks from guarding, herding and pulling to carrying loads and search-and-rescue. They can adapt to any temperatures and exhibit extreme intelligence and working abilities. Working-breed dogs can make great pets if fully integrated into their family packs. However, if left alone for long periods, chained up or constantly kenneled without any interaction, they can become dangerously aggressive. Some of these breeds were originally bred as fighting dogs, making them dangerous to have around children or small pets due to their high prey drive.

Playing tug-of-war with your working-breed puppy and hearing him growl as he pulls may be lots of fun, but you should refrain from these kinds of games until your pup has a better understanding of the family hierarchy and you are sure he knows his place in the pack. Inadvertently allowing your working-breed pup to "win" at this game can make him more assertive with family members as he grows. While some working-breed dogs do well with children if raised with them, you should only consider owning one of these breeds with children over the age of ten. Many of these dogs grow to be large, and a young child can easily be injured by a big, active dog, albeit accidentally.

Reprinted from Training Your Puppy in 5 Minutes © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.


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Paige   west lafayette, IN

2/2/2012 6:47:44 AM

I have a wonderful anatolian shephard puppy of six months. Her parents are from turkey themselves and she is only a few inches shy of being 27inches. Her mother was WELL over 27inches so I understand her size and have papers for her ext but I'm curious as to if this site is very reliable. I have seen other anatolian websites before and they've shown pictures that look much more like my puppy and information that seems to fit better as well. Any ideas?

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Beatrice   Holland Patent, NY

12/25/2011 2:50:47 PM

Regarding the Akita "singing". I have a dog who is probably part Akita. She "talks" a LOT. She barks way too much, even as she lies on the floor, head down. Before falling asleep she mumbles, grumbles, woofs under her breath. I certainly would like to curb the barking but electronic devices do not work.

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Ginny   Oklahoma City, OK

12/3/2011 2:11:47 PM

Can anyone tell me if Akita's "sing". My Akita's name, Rayden, sometimes spends most of the day making a sound like maybe humming, mouning and growling. He doesn't want anything (except cookies) nor does he seems to be in pain. I have taken him to the vet, who by the way is beginning to think I am crazy, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. Rayden weights 135 so he is somewhat stocky .. this is the only thing that should be changed .. he has number. Please help.

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gary   rochester, MN

10/20/2011 5:22:23 PM

good info, luckly i know this for the amstaff is the same way weather

(lol)you rescue one or raise it from a pup. these bigger dogs do need a sort or special way of training from my point of view. the dog channel rocks

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