Training Commands for Dogs

The 4 dog training commands your dog should know.

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This method is fun and even works on dogs that have learned to ignore their owners.

First, what word are you using? Change words if your dog has problems with the "Come" command. It is easier to teach a dog a new word than break a bad habit. If your dog thinks "Come" means "Play Keep Away," start with a new word, such as "Here."

Before starting, make a shaker by putting a handful of dry dog food into a small plastic container.

Take the shaker in one hand, treats in the other and have your dog sitting in front of you. Shake the container and tell your dog "Cookie!" or whatever word your dog knows for treats, and pop a treat into its mouth. This teaches the dog the shaker is associated with the word for treats. Do this two or three times and quit. An hour or so later, again do it two or three times.

The next day with the shaker, treats and the dog in front of you tell yo ur dog "Come!", shake the shaker and pop a treat into its mouth. Now your dog is right in front of you.

You have taught your dog the sound of the shaker means the word it knows for treats and, when the shaker sounds, it gets a treat. You have taught your dog the word "Come" is the same as the sound of the shaker and signals a treat. Practice this two or three times several times a day for a few days.

When your dog is eager to play this game and sits in front of you at the sound of the shaker being picked up, start shaking the shaker and calling your dog from short distances. Gradually build your dog's skills. Keep your voice happy and upbeat, and keep popping those treats into its mouth. As the dog gets better at the command, add some distractions, such as kids playing in the yard.

Walk Nicely
When walking your dog, do you come home feeling as if one arm is inches longer than the other? Does your dog choke and cough during walks? Walking a dog that pulls on its leash is no fun, and it's not good for the dog.

Luckily, it is not difficult to teach most dogs to walk nicely on leash. With your dog on leash, have it sit in front of you. With a treat in your hand, let your dog sniff the treat. Tell your dog "Watch me!" as you take the treat up to your chin. As the dog's eyes follow your hand (and the treat) to your face, say "Good to watch me!" and pop the treat into its mouth. Do this two or three times and quit. Do it again later.

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