Training Commands for Dogs

The 4 dog training commands your dog should know.

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When your dog looks up at your face for the command (still with the treat), tell it to watch you, and start backing away. You want your dog to watch you while it is walking. Back up four or five steps, praising the dog as it watches you and walks.

Stop, have your dog sit and then start again. Practice two or three times and quit.

When your dog backs up and watches you, repeat the exercise and, as you are walking, turn so the dog ends up on your left and you are both walking forward together. Praise your dog as it continues to watch you. Walk a few steps forward and then stop, praising enthusiastically.

If your dog is distracted and pulls ahead while you practice, hold onto the leash and back away. The dog will hit the end of the leash and have to turn around toward you. As your dog turns around, tell it "Watch me!" and keep backing away. When you get your dog's attention back, continue your original course.

Use the Commands
The success of any training program depends on how well you use the commands. If these commands are used only during training sessions, your dog will think they are only for training. Use the commands around the house. Call the dog to come across the yard, and have it sit when you open the door or gate. When you are out for walks, have the dog sit at each curb and tell it when and where to relieve itself. When guests visit, have the dog sit for petting. The more you incorporate commands into your daily routine, the better your dog's response will be.

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5/17/2009 10:59:37 AM

this was helpfull and I enjoyed it,hope it will help with my new pup.

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