Miniature Pinscher Dog Training Overview

Keep these four tips to keep in mind for Miniature Pinscher dog training.

1. A key to your Min Pins becoming well adjusted is socialization. Once he has been properly vaccinated, you can introduce your pup to the world outside your home.

2. Early training includes introducing your pup to his collar and lead and giving him time to become comfortable wearing them.

3. Consider your Min Pin's safety when out in public places.

4. The crate is more than just an effective house-training tool. Explore its many uses and benefits for your dog's general care and safety.

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 Reprinted from Breeders Best: Miniature Pinscher © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.



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lisa   anthem, AZ

11/19/2011 5:03:46 PM

I agree with viki longenspor ,IN that this was all just common sense information...basic dog training...I have a 3 month mini pin that I got at 4wks and bottle fed for a couple weeks and she is loving and playfull....thou a she devil pirahna, tazmanian devil.(again, DEVIL) she is aggressive and growls and snaps at times. I would like to learn how to get her to understand that she will not overpower us as humans...the pack leaders..and be more obedient

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Linda   Fountain, FL

8/19/2010 5:18:48 PM

Lots of good info. I have 2 female (sisters)Min
double trouble. They sleep together in a crate at nite and are crated in a larger crate in the day time if I have to go out. They are lots of fun but do need early socialization and lots of exercise.

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DiAnna   Mountain City, TN

8/23/2009 9:25:51 PM

We have had our little guy for 5yrs. He is the joy in our lives as well as our greatkids. Of course he is a grandkid too. He is so good with our grandkids. He has nerver tried to hurt them. He is the best dog. He name is Duke. And a DUKE he
We did the training like you said. but today is the first time I have been to this site. We call his crate his box. He sees us getting ready to go somewhere and he gets in his box. The only thing he has tort up is Kleenex. Not so bad to clean up. But we have found out he doesn't like the one with
We love our
DiAnna and Patick

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Addie   Stevens Point, WI

4/23/2009 12:53:22 PM

Vicky. I had the same exact problem with my male unnuetered min pin. I was almost pulling my hair out! It was hard to adjust to his energy level as well. Once I got him nuetered his marking completely stopped. He hasn't "marked" or had a single accident since.

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