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Find out how to train your pug puppy.

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Pug puppyWhen your Pug puppy first arrives at your home, everything will be new to him. Although he is usually full of confidence, it may take him a little while to feel completely at ease in his new surroundings. It is essential that you appreciate this, recognizing that there will be no familiar sights, sounds or smells to make him feel at home. Now that he is living with you, it is you who must provide him with the confidence and encouragement he needs throughout his new learning experiences.

When your puppy first comes home, you should begin by getting him used to all family members who live there. Instilling confidence in your Pug will help with his early socialization, and you will soon be able to introduce him to your wider family and your friends. Please try not to bombard him with too many new people and situations all at the same time, though.

Depending on the age of your puppy, and whether his course of vaccinations is complete, you may or may not be able to take him out in public places immediately. Whichever the case, I would still advise you to allow him to settle down at home for the first few days before venturing further. There will be lots you can do with your Pug puppy at home, so you will both undoubtedly have great fun together.  Puppies tire easily, though, so allow him to get sufficient rest, too.

If restricted to your home territory for a little while, you can play games with your puppy, with suitably safe, soft toys, but do not allow him to tug on anything too strongly. Check regularly that sharp or unsafe parts, such as plastic squeakers, do not become detached from the toy, as they can cause injury. Your puppy's teeth will be very sharp, so toys can easily be damaged.

Whether or not you plan to show your Pug, it is always good to do a little early training, getting him to stand calmly on a table and to lie on his side to be gently groomed. This training will be helpful on numerous occasions, including visits to the vet. It is much easier to deal with a well-behaved dog in situations like this, and you will be so proud of your clever companion!

 Accustom your puppy to being on a lead, which is always a strange experience for a tiny youngster. Begin by just putting a simple buckle collar on him. The collar should not be too tight, nor should it be so loose that it can be caught on things, causing panic and possible injury. Just put the collar on the pup for a few minutes at a time, lengthening each time period slightly until your puppy feels comfortable in his first item of clothing. Don't expect miracles; this may take a few days.

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