Puppy Training: Visit a Bakery

Learn how to make puppy training fun.


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If You Like Bakeries: A doggie bakery is where people can pamper pups, explains Steve Dale, author of the book Doggone Chicago: Sniffing Out the Best Places to Take Your Best Friend (NTC Publishing Group, 2001). And that can be mentally stimulating to your pup and you.

The Gain: Your pup is going to get plenty of socialization with human and dog patrons and a dog-friendly staff. "If I were, a dog this is where I'd want to come," says Terri Voss, owner of Tres Bone Bakery in Mundelein, Illinois. Tres Bone offers canine goodies such as signature peanut butter-and-carob or garlic-chicken birthday cakes.

The Pain: "The downside," says Dale, "is the price some pups pay around the middle. Hey, you'd pay that price, too, if you indulged as often as some people take their dogs for cookies."

Cost Factor: Cookies can cost 35 cents or $6 for a barker's dozen.

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