Miniature Pinscher Overview

Find out if you're a Miniature Pinscher person.

1. The Min Pin person is fortunate to have chosen a conveniently sized breed that can adapt to most any living environment.

2. The Miniature Pinscher person has time to care for his dog, including exercise, training and grooming, and is willing to give the Miniature Pinscher the attention that he needs.

3. The Miniature Pinscher person has a sense of humor and appreciates his dogs playful nature.

4. The Miniature Pinscher person makes his dogs safety a top priority, always keeping in mind the breeds inquisitive nature.

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Reprinted from Breeders Best: Miniature Pinscher © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.


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Robin   Georgetown, KY

7/18/2009 12:05:13 PM

I have a Min Pin that is 1 year old and he is the joy of my life. His name is Shadow and he is so protective of not just the family but of our other dog Bear. He is so cute and I love him to death. When he comes up to me and places his paw on my arm or hand that I find very special. The way he looks at me when I am speaking to him and the way he cocks his head is so sweet. I am hooked for life with this breed they are so smart.

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Larry   Argenta, IL

12/4/2008 12:08:53 PM

I have a Min Pin, Ginger is her name, 3 years old. (Spayed) If you have the short time to train a dog and if yours is like mine they will be a wonderfull pet. She was so easy to train, I got her at 4 months old and she was so eager to learn all the comands I felt she needed to be a good listening dog. (Barking) well thats another story. She has done it from day one when someone comes and visits at first, and is more alert for any noise you can immagine. She's the love of my life, next to my wife. No I won't put her over my wife. But I am so protective of her and she with me. Do yourself a favor and get to be around this bread and you may not want anyother.

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Wanda   Dothan, AL

1/24/2008 5:10:39 PM

This is a very good overview on Min-Pins. We had two that lived to be about 15, and now we have two more that we rescued. They are wonderful dogs that need lots of attention. We are definately Min-Pin people. We adore them.

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