Are You a Rottweiler Person?

Is the Rottweiler dog breed for you?

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Rottweiler PuppiesBefore purchasing your Rottweiler, you must give some thought to the personality and characteristics of this breed to determine if this is the breed for you. This is not a dog for the laid-back owner who will not give the dog the training and attention that he deserves. In addition, this is not always a dog for the first-time puppy owner. This is a dog for the individual who has studied up on the breed, understands its characteristics and is willing to train the dog and give him the time that he will need.

You should answer the following questions before purchasing a Rottweiler:

1. Do you have the time to give to a dog? He will need care, companionship, training and grooming. This is almost like having a child, except the dog remains a child and will always require your care.

2. Do you have a fenced-in yard for your Rottweiler? This is not a breed that you can leave tied out on the porch or let loose. He must have a secure area in which to run and exercise.

3. Have you owned a dog previously and did that dog live a long and happy life with your family?

4. Have you checked with your local offices to make certain that there are no breed-specific laws in your town or neighborhood? Some communities will not allow certain breeds of dog, and the Rottweiler may be one of them.

5. Understand that your neighbors may not be pleased with your bringing this breed into the neighborhood. Have you spoken to them about your plans?

6. Even if the Rottweiler requires a minimum of grooming, your dog will require some care.

7. Do you have the time to do this?

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Janet   Bethlehem, PA

8/2/2010 6:07:37 AM

good article thanks

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dalton   philo, OH

11/20/2009 6:44:15 PM

i am 10 years old and my rott is one year old he is very loveing and spoiled and he get's a lot of attention my family loves hem.

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dalton   philo, OH

11/20/2009 6:33:32 PM

i think rottweiler's make a good pet because i have one that is loveing and you should have one

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Lee   Reno, NV

9/8/2009 8:34:37 PM

Having wanted a Rottie all my life (well, since I was 3, I am a 'bit' older now) this past labor day I finally got a 2 yr old female who is AMAZING! She came from a very loving home and work schedules for her owners became too much for them with traveling so we found each other. She is now a cherished family member after only 2 days, and our older large mixed breed dog and her are hilarious on walks and wrestling. Hopefully she'll learn the cat bathes herself and stop trying to help! {of course, the cat is in charge of the household so that shouldn't take too long}

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