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So how much time is really involved with owning a Yorkie? Having time for a dog does not mean that you cannot work and own a dog. Your pet will need quality time, though, just as a child needs it. He must be fed two times a day and exercised several times a day. He needs to be held and loved, and he will like to go for rides in the car with you. You must work with him to have an obedient dog who has good manners. Your dog should have at least two good outings a day; that means a walk or a good romp in the morning and the evening. Exercise should be on-lead or in the fenced yard or other enclosed area; never let him out loose to run the neighborhood.

Most types of living accommodations will suit a Yorkie. As a small breed it does not require nearly as much space as a Labrador or Mastiff. A home with a securely fenced yard is ideal, one that gives your dog room to run and stretch his legs. And remember, it is your responsibility to keep the yard clean of feces. When walking your dog, it is essential to carry a plastic bag or two to pick up droppings. These can be easily discarded in a handy trash receptacle on your way home.

Of course, with the Yorkie there is the noise-pollution factor.  Are you willing, or able, to have a dog that tends to be a bit noisy? Will your neighbors (and other family members) tolerate this? As a responsible dog owner, it is up to you to make certain that your dog is trained not to bark needlessly. The Yorkshire Terrier can be a bit noisy and yappy, and it is not fair to your neighbors to let your dog bark endlessly.

Even though the Yorkie is small, he has a high-maintenance coat that will look desperately mangled if not kept tidy. You will have to dedicate at least a weekly grooming session to keep your blue and tan angel looking sufficiently heavenly. Saintly owners brush their Yorkies daily. Grooming is essential with this breed. If left on his own, he will have a long, sweeping coat that will become tangled and matted in very short order. However, there is no reason to keep the dog in a long coat if he is not being shown. There are many things that can be done to have an easy keeper and there will be suggestions in the grooming chapter on how to handle the coat with a relative amount of ease.

We've discussed the smallness of the dog, his terrier disposition and his long coat. The Yorkie is also appreciated for his intelligence, his devotion to his family, his abilities for keeping watch over those around him and their possessions, his good looks and his liveliness. Sound like the dog for you? Please learn all you can about the breed before rushing out and buying the first puppy you see.

For more information on the Yorkshire Terrier, visit the Yorkshire Terrier Club of Americas website, which is an excellent source of information.

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Reprinted from Breeders Best: Yorkshire Terrier © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.


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Mish   Prattville, AL

8/22/2011 5:13:15 PM

I waited 15 years for my Yorkie, and boy, was it worth the wait! Abagail is everything I ever dreamed for in a fuzzy friend! She is my sun and moon! I have two sons, so Abby is truly my little girl! :) She is way too smart and brings more joy to my life than I could ever describe! Yorkies are the #1 dog breed for good reason...they are adorable, smart and loving!

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CC   Duncan, BC

1/21/2011 9:37:52 AM

People say my Yorkie is spoiled but I say she is just Special. She knows overall, that I am boss.

She walks at least three times/day and her 2 meals are divided into four, Breakfast, snack,dinner,snack before bed as she was throwing up in mornings. Not enough food in belly btwn 5:30 dinner and waking in morning. Works out great. Dental maintenance very important for small dogs. She brushes once a day too. If she doesn't get a couple play sessions a day, she will walk around with a toy in her mouth until she finds you and then sits with her toy still in her mouth until we play. Smart dog! Learns Lightening fast! Yorkie's love to work for reward. Love my furbaby! Best Commitment I have Ever made. When I have to leave her at home, I get sepration anxiety. I miss her within moments. Love your article. Thank you.

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janet   bethlehem, PA

8/11/2010 4:21:05 AM

good article thanks

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3/18/2010 1:39:28 AM

I recieved my first Yorkie a year ago last Christmas. I will never be without a Yorkie again. My little Yorkie is the sun shine of my life. I would take her every where I go if I was allowed. There's nothing like a Yorkie. My Yorkie is 6 inches tall and weighs 3 pounds but keeps the 13lb cat and the 19lb Miniature Schnauzer in place. I use a spray bottle to stop her from being to aggressive. I am studing to be an Occupational Therapist Assistant and I am hoping to get Precious(my Yorkie)trained ti be a therapy dog so I can take her to work with me. How cool will that be. The very first therapy dog ever was a small Yorkie name Smoky. I know we can do it.

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