Yorkshire Terrier Overview

Learn the Yorkshire Terrier basics.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy1. Are you ready to take on a tiny dog with the personality and intelligence of a much larger breed?

2. A Yorkie person is prepared to raise and train a sometimes noisy and sometimes challenging terrier.

3. A Yorkie person will ensure the safety and proper handling of his tiny companion.

4. A Yorkie person is ready to devote much time to grooming throughout the dogs life.

5. A Yorkie person will research all aspects of the breed, the pros and the cons, before deciding that this is the dog for him.

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Reprinted from Breeders Best: Yorkshire Terrier © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.


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Wendy   Red Wing, Minnesota

1/1/2016 5:43:18 AM

I am thinking of adopting a 6 yr old female Yorkie who needs a new home. She has supposedly shown some aggressive behavior towards the current owners toddler. They are concerned that she may bite him. Should I think about getting her? Our home is kid free,but we do have 9 grandkids who visit frequently. She sounds like a wonderful dog, just doesn't care for a 15 month old. The owners said she likes kids 5 and up. Our youngest grandkid is 5. We do not have any other pets.

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CC   Duncan, BC

1/21/2011 9:41:35 AM

When you own a Yorkie, It is said to "Shuffle" not walk. Always be aware of the little furbutt and there whereabouts. They tend to jump up on the couch when you go to sit down. Be sure not to accidentally sit on them! To protect their little joints, knees and hips, invest or make a couple sets of stairs (or even one) for the little one to get up and off his favorite chair, position on couch or like my Baby, onto and off the bed where she sleeps with me.

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Doris   Bay Minette, AL

11/10/2009 1:35:50 PM

I think this article answered a lot if not most of the questions I had about owning a Yorkshire Terrier. After reading this, I am sure this would be a dog that would fit in with our home. We are a retired couple in our 70's and we have two more small dogs in our home that are 8 yrs. old (chihuahua's) and we love them dearly and I have to say they are spoiled. We spend a lot of time with them and they are such good company to us. I would love to have a yorkshire terrier puppy.

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Hillary   Valdosta, GA

6/14/2009 12:45:59 PM

Having bred Yorkies for 25 years, I read this with interest. You made the points I have been making all these years. You might have mentioned they are sometimes picky eaters and are sometimes quite succeptable to hypoglycemia, especially young puppies going to their new homes. They are definately not like larger dogs. Veterinarians should be chosen carefully, some vets don't know the proceedures for a Yorkie.

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