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Date 3/26/2015 7:22:19 PM
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Comment being reported: * \*/ ANGEL MONDAY \*/ JAN 28th <> *TEAM DOTD NEWS* PLS VOTE <*^*> ANGEL BRANDI 157119 <*^*> *~* In Honor of Angel Brandi -&- Angel Friends: Angel Carly Knight, Angel Spanky and Angel Audi *~* ___________HAPPY BIRTHDAY____________ <*^*> WHISKEY-PUP 240529 <*^*> ___________HAPPY ANNIVERSARY'S__________ <*^*> GABBY 121163 "4yr Ann" <*^*> ________________ <*^*> SAWYER 199870 <*^*> ``2yr Ann" ________________ <*^*> LIBBY 199871 <*^*> "2yr Ann" ________JANUARY 2013 ~*^*~ DOTM RUNNER________ <**> JoZee 222582 <**> (A-Z Dog Breeds) _____________GOOD NEWS______________ <*^*> BLOSSOM 43157 <*^*> ....Update on Sweet Blossom, she does not have a brain tumor!!! YAY !!!! Thank You for all of your prayers, Mom Lisa... ___________IN DEEPEST SYMPATHY__________ SADIE 240378 ...Sorry I haven't been online in a while! Sadly, my Grandaddy passed away on December 12, 2012 :( Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Please pray for their family, it's a very difficult time. ; ____________ ANGEL CARLY KNIGHT 11000 (1/18/13) New Angel @ RBBridge. Please pray for their family, it`s a very difficult time. ____________ ANGEL SPANKY 173046 (1/17/13) New Angel @ RBBridge. Please pray for their family, it's a very difficult time. ___________ ANGEL AUDI 228034 (1/16/13) New Angel @ The RBBridge. Please pray for their family, it's a very difficult time. __________PLEASE KEEP IN YOUR PRAYER'S_________ <*^*> Stormy/Sam/Summer/Apollo/Kaylee/Khaleesi/Ozzy <*^*> ....Please keep our Momma, in your prayers. Mom is having Surgery, Monday 28th and wellness prayers' Thank You, Love Our Family.... ******** ******** ******** ******** ******** ******** _______________________________ <*^*> DAISY 251167 <*^*> .....1/25..... UPDATE: My eye has gotten worse. My mom took me to the doctors and they found out that my eye just might have to be taken out...we will see later on. My doctor just gave me meds for now. Glad to be with my friends Chewy, Chloe, Pace and Pirate! My mom couldn't get on much and she felt sorry I was missing out. Will probably be on more now! Hugs to my friends out there in DC. _______________________________ <*^*> HOPE, ARIAL, GABY, PONGO <*^*> ... Our human brother-in-law is very very ill, and was admitted to the hospital early Wednesday morning. Our Mommy Vickie, is babysitting Grandson Zachary 24/7, our computer has been down since Tuesday, night. Please keep our family in your prayer's. Thanks so much, Hope.. ********** ********** ********** ________________ <*^*> BANDIT, DAISY, HOOTIE'S, MOM VIRGINIA <*^*> ....1/25/13... It is my pleasure to say yippeekiya today. Our Mommy is home with us since a long time ago. Seemed she was never coming home again. It is so good to have her here w/us, I love you.... Bandit *____* ..... 1/25/13 Yippykiya!!! I am a happy camper tonight. Mommy got to come home and she is with us here. She is finally out of the hospital and still has a ways to go. We will take good care of her here. I love you.....Daisy ******** ******** _______________ <*^*> ALABAMA GANG 43042 <*^*> ... Hi! Poochie here from the Alabama Gang I just wanted to ask for a couple of prayers. First my mommy has been real sick we think she had food poisoning. So we haven't been on all week. She's better but still not up to par. Then my fur sister Little Ann is now having her big surgery right now! Please keep her in our prayers they have certainly worked for me several times in the past! Thanks so much! Poochie ____ May you always have a pet by your side, a song in your heart.... and God in your life! Happy New Year!! Mom Becky ________________ PLEASE SAY A LITTLE PRAYER THAT MAMMA GETS TO KEEP ME ____________ <*^*> TUCKER 250648 <*^*> ....Thank you everyone for honoring me, Jan. 23rd. This is our one bright spot in an otherwise very sad day. We found out this morning that my original "family" finally showed up at the shelter looking for me and they want to take me back. The lady at the shelter and everyone at my doctor's office is doing everything they can to help me stay with my new family. My new Mama really loves me and I really love her too and I really really like it here and want to stay. Please say a little prayer that Mama gets to keep me, Love Tucker ________________ <*^*> DAKOTA 231270 <*^*> ...My Uncle Rick did not get good news today. He called mom and said that the doctor said he might have bladder cancer. He has to go back on February 26th and have the tumor removed. Mom is very upset. This is her favorite brother who is always around to help with grandma if we need him. We do everything with Uncle Rick and his family. Please keep him in your prayers my friends. ; ________________ <*^*> KHIA 223660 <*^*> ....Grandpa is in the hospital and is very sick. Please keep their family in your prayers. ________________ <*^*> CHEWIE 210570 `n` MAYA 226099 <*^*> ....Chewie `n` Maya's, Grandma has Mascular Degeneration. Please keep their family in your prayers. ******** ________________ <*^*> SCOOBY 176110 `n` MOLLY 176297 <*^*> ....Mom`s daughter, healing after surgery and chemo treatments. Please keep their family in prayers. ******** ________________ <*^*> SCOOTER 23984 <*^*> ...Scooter has mouth cancer with changes noticed in his tumor. He is still eating well and acting normal. Please keep their family in your prayers.
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