An Owner-Handler Success Story

Looking back at Bulldog Ch. Marinebull's All the Way's success for Joyce and Karl Dingman.

By Muriel Lee | Posted: Tue Sep 21 00:00:00 PDT 2004

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Of course, having a great and smart dog can also be a humbling experience. Goober quickly learned that the best place to be was on the podium and sometimes would surprise Karl as he was being taken on the "down and back" by making a leap for the middle of the ring and positioning himself on the podium, ready for the BIS ribbon. In addition, the handlers quickly learned about Goober's penchant for bait, and liver was freely flying about the ring. What a field day for this dog, who was quickly becoming very ring-smart and overly confident! So, back to conformation training classes he went. A podium was set up in the ring and Karl and Goober's friends would gather around the ring, cheer and throw bait as the pair took the down and back. When Goober made a dash for the podium, Karl would correct him and Goober learned that to be a winner, he also had to have some manners.

Joyce wrote that without the advice of friends like Hannelore Heller and John Sheehan, they would not have been able to do what they did with Goober. Joyce noted that Goober had charisma, personality, and an eagerness to show. His enthusiasm and outgoing attitude set him apart, and he had a zest for life that was hard to describe. He loved to show, as he was certain that everyone came to see him perform.

Goober died at home with Joyce and Karl in 1985 at the age of 12. They noted that he was a good friend, always healthy, and he loved doing everything, as he took it all in stride. He loved being the center of attention and knew in his heart that every dog show was for him and that he belonged on the podium, whether he won Best in Show or not... he was a joy, a crowd pleaser and a winner in all respects.

Ah, Ch. Marinebull's All The WayGoober Dingman, who "went all the way," could not have been better named!

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