Dog Fanciers in Europe

European registries insist on soundness as well as beauty in breeding stock.

By | Posted: Thu Apr 1 00:00:00 PST 2004

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"Finally, there is the matter of Best in Show. With 10 FCI groups to choose from, it is right that there be more than one top-dog selection. Most European events will have three dogs on the podium (BIS1, BIS2, and BIS3). In Great Britain there will be two (from six groups: BIS and Reserve BIS), while at some World Shows I have attended there have been five. A great deal of prestige accompanies all these placementsand as most shows will have numbers in the several thousands, it is fitting that there should be more than one top dog."

Perhaps it is a case of "to each his own," but North American fanciers will find for themselves the vibrant, exciting, FCI world of dogs "across the pond."


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