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A dog much admired by Anna and Patricia, but not owned by them, was Ch. Summithill Csontos. He was Tigers sire and a record-breaking Komondor. He was ahead of his time in coat condition and overall conditioning. Another dog we greatly appreciated, even though he was not shown past his championship, was Ch. Delwyn Berci. He was Dahus sire. The first time we saw this dog was in Pennsylvania at a national; even though he lived just north of the Canadian border, we used him the next time our bitch came in season.

Patricia and Anna s most memorable achievement is the ten national specialty winners they have owned and/or bred.  However, Anna says: I think we are most proud of the fact that a dog we bred won the group at Westminster. It was also one of our biggest thrills.

Both women have been very active in the Komondor Club of America and their local all-breed club, Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers, Inc. Anna is currently president of TVDF, a post she has held for the past 11 years. They are both past officers and board members of the KCA. Anna served as the AKC Gazette columnist for the parent club for many years, and continues in a board position. They are also members of the Puli Club of America.

Anna and Patricia do not participate in performance activities. There are no flock guardian performance events. As for obedience, agility and such, it is hard to think of them as important to the development of the breed, because, generally Komondorok are very independent working dogs. They have to think for themselves and some of those activities ask them to do the opposite. We always recommend obedience to our first-time Komondor owners and caution them not to have too high expectations. We work hard to maintain the working dog temperament, even though we do not work the dogs ourselves.

Both of the Lajosmegyi breeders roles in purebred dogs are evolving and changing. The Komondor has been very good to us. We have no right to expect more from them. We are already moving into our future. Anna is getting ready to send in her judging application and we are both downsizing. Patricia has a huge interest in Chinese Cresteds. We are both involved with Pulik and have already successfully campaigned Ch. Fuzzy Farm She Loves Me. Now we are specialing a dog we co-bred with Alice and Steve Lawrence, Ch. Fuzzy Farm The Music Man.

In closing, Patricia and Anna offer these words of advice. If you are starting out, we would suggest that you set your standards high. Take your time in making decisions about breeding. You never know when an opportunity may be your last. Start your breeding program with the very best you can acquire and don't ever compromise your ethics. In Komondorok, big is not the only word in the standard. Remember that these are working dogs that must be able to fight off bear attacks, so they must be sound. Breed type is important, but in a rare breed, soundness is on the top of our list.

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Joyce   Eastport, NY

2/9/2009 9:36:13 PM

We share our life with Ch. Lajosmegyi Spikes Boy Oliver, 12 1/2, as fine a guard dog and pet as there ever was. Ann & Pat have a place in our hearts. They are the very best.

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Jenna   Salem, OR

1/21/2008 11:05:03 AM

I met these Ladies at the Rose City Classic in Portland Oregon 2008. They are the most amazing people I have ever met and their Dogs are BEAUTIFUL. I cannot wait to someday own a Komondor from them!

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Kathy   Salkum, WA

10/15/2007 9:40:52 AM

I have known both Ann and Pat for many years, and you could not ask for more welcoming people. They are both very ethical and just about the best people you could meet. Ann offers handling classes and I can't wait to get back to them with my new Belgian Malinois. I have missed both of them terribly, in my years of not owning a dog.

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