Sires and Dam

This article about sires and dams of the working group.

By By Peter Lam |

Uno Best in Show Beagle 2008Dear Bo,

A recent announcement of a DNA test for High Uric Acid in Dalmatians and other breeds has received quite a bit of attention in the press. The press release was published in Veterinary Practice News and the development has been covered in The New York Times, U.S. News and World Report, Forbes, and many other places.

High Uric Acid (HUA) is a predisposing condition for Urate Stone Disease in the bladder, which can be life threatening, may require surgical intervention, and too frequently results in a decision to euthanize. The gene for HUA exists in many breeds, but in Dalmatians it is endemic – meaning that all AKC Dalmatians have HUA. There was a "backcross" to a champion Pointer over 30 years ago that resulted in a line of Dalmatians predominantly free of the HUA gene, like other breeds.


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