Dog Fancy Table of Contents January and February/March 2003

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January 2003

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january 2003

Opening Space: Records and Reality; Late News


Annie on...

The Side Picture and Westies

By Anne Rogers Clark


The First Annual Breeder of the Year Award


Do You Know About Canine Good Citizens

By Christi McDonald


From Down Under:

Puppy Farming Is It A Numbers Game?

By Frank Pieterse


AKC Chairman's Report; The AKC Family Dog Quarterly Journal

By Ron Menaker


Success in Show Dogs:

Judges' Critiques

By Richard Beauchamp


Health Matters:

Problems of the Pancreas

By Debra M. Eldredge, DVM


The First AKC Parent Club Conference

By Sue LeMieux


AKC/Eukanuba National Invitational Live in 2005


Goin' to the Dogs:

Antiques, Collectibles and Stuff...

By Pati C. Merrill


Art Show at the Dog Show Announces 2003 Competition


The British Connection:

Foreign Dogs, Theft, docking and Royalty in the Court

By Simon Parsons


Oh, Canada!

New Year Wishes, Judging Seminars, etc.

To the East... by Clive Davies - To The West... by Dawne Deeley


World in Review:

Uruguay by James Reynold & Charla Hill

Australia photos by Cabal

Germany by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

France and Belgium


Show Scene:

Best in Show winners in October & November

Kennel Club of Philadelphia

By Sharon Sakson

Cypress Creek Kennel Club

By Cindy Chandler

Del Valle Dog Club of Livermore

by Christi McDonald


Montgomery County Terriers

BIS comments by Anne Katona & specialty reports


News from the American Kennel Club; AKC Board Meeting Highlights


The DR Annual Sporting Dog Feature


Comparison of Retriever Breeds

By Dr. Donald Sturtz, Jr.


Cocker Spaniel Know-How

By Kerrin Winter-Churchill


English Cocker Spaniels:

All-Time top Winners & Producers

By Sue Lemieux, Kate Romanski & David Flanagan


Breed Notes and Show Dates:

Basset hound National by Kitty C. Steidel

Great Dane National by Nikki Riggsbee

Lowchen National Weekend by Gini Denniger

The 16th Annual Xoloitzcuintli National by Amy Fernandez


Breed Feature: The Judges Talk About Labrador Retrievers


The Case of George & Sally Bell and the Greyhound Club of America

By Patricia Gail Burnham


Bark Back/Sound Off: Our Readers Take Over!


Professional Handlers; Photographers

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Rates & Deadlines

February/March 2003 Annual

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february/march 2003

Opening Space

Record Book: Facts & Trivia from 2001

Annie On...
the Westminster Blues
by Anne Rogers Clark

The Role of a Judge
by Dr. Donald Sturz, Jr.

What I Should Have Said
by Richard G. Beauchamp

Who Is the Most Important Person in the Dog World?
A New Year's Fairy Tale
by Frank Pieterse

DR Interviews Ronald H. Menaker:
An in-depth conversation with the AKC Chairman about how the AKC works. Interviewed by Bo Bengtson

Results from the National, REAL Results

Going to the National Specialty, and Coming Home...
by Mary Sanders

Judges' Critiques:
How Good Are They?
by Pamela Renai della Rena

Dual Purpose Winners:
Outside the Ring Gates
by Deb Eldredge, DVM

Do You Know...
How to Enter Your Dog Under New AKC Rules
by Christi McDonald

The King of Europe:
The Standard Poodle, Ch. Topscore Contradiction
by Bo Bengtson

Lessons of Ownership:
The Loose Dog
by Sharon Sakson

Top Dogs of 2002: Pictures and Profiles

Health Matters:
by Deb Eldredge, DVM

The British Connection:
Doors Finally Open for U.S. Dogs (Almost...)
by Simon Parsons

Oh, Canada!
Year-End Shows, New Board, Dandies - and Finland
by Clive Davies (East) and Dawne Deeley (West)

Westminster KC Judges' Profiles

The 2nd AKC/Eukanuba National Invitational
by Cindy Chandler and Kerrin Winter-Churchill

Handler Questions & Answers:
Clint Livingston, Joseph Buchanan, Diana Wilson, Jan Swayze, Mark & Lisa Bettis, Chris Manelopoulos & Rachel Corbin

The Fancy Speaks:
Hundreds of answers - from judges, handlers, breeders, exhibitors and other dog fanciers - to two DR questions.

Show Scene: AKC Best in Shows from November & December, Year-End at Long Beach

AKC/Eukanuba National Invitational 2003 Ju dging Panel

The AKC Scenthound Institute:
Training Judges for the Future
by Sharon Sakson

Dr. Robert Smith Receives Bill Trainor Memorial Award
by Peggy Wampold

AKC News & Highlights from the December AKC Delegates Meeting

Breed Notes & Show Dates; the Vizsla National

AKC Chairman's Message
by Ron Menaker

The Great Ones:
Cocker Spaniel, Ch. My Own Brucie
by Kerrin Winter-Churchill

World in Review:
Sweden; Finland; Italy; Belgium & Holland, Bermuda; Australia

Breed Standards, Parent Clubs, and Changes
by Cindy Cooke

Bark Back/Letters: Our Readers Take Over

Professional Handlers & Photographers

Rates & Deadlines

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