Dogs in Review Table of Contents - November 2004

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Dogs In Reivew Nobember 2004

Opening Space

Annie On...
Evaluation of Breeding Stock (a.k.a. Judging)
by Anne Rogers Clark

The Other Side of the Fence:
Herding Breeds and Pet People...
a Good Match?

by Karen Steinrock

Analysis: More Than Gold
by Jacklyn E. Hungerland, Ph.D.


Success in Show Dogs:
From the U.S. to Ireland, to Canada, and Back Again...
by Richard Beauchamp

Health Matters:
"The Ultimate in Canine Fashion" - Designer Genes Part I
by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

How To Organize A Dog Show, Part IX: "Special Services" for Breeders and Exhibitors
by Betty-Anne Stenmark

AKC Chairman's Report:
Hurricane Relief
by Ron Menaker

The British Connection:
New Shows - Imports at the Top - Breed Records Great Names Lost
by Simon Parsons

Oh Canada:
From the East: by Clive Davies
From the West: by Dawne Deeley

The Great Ones:
The Borzoi Ch. Vigow of Romanoff
by Kerrin Winter-Churchill




World in Review:
Australia, South Africa, Scandinavia and Central Europe

The Dogs in Review Annual Herding Group Feature

The Herding Breeder Speaks

Top Herding Dogs of the Past

Westminster Herding Group Winners

The Dogs in Review Breed Feature:
The Judges Talk About Australian Shepherds

The National Australian Shepherd Clubs

Health Buzz on Australian Shepherds
by Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

The History of the Australian Shepherd
by Nannette L. Newbury

Show Scene:
AKC Best in Show Winners in August and September

Breed Notes & Show Dates

News from the American Kennel Club; AKC Continues Assistance in Florida

Letters/Bark Back
Our Readers Take Over

Rates & Deadlines

The Final Word

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