May - August 2002

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Posted: Sun Nov 10 00:00:00 PST 2002

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May 2002

MAY 2002

Breed Profiles

German Pinscher
Weimaraner (cover)

Pain relief
Road trip
Travel safety
Westminster results
Water safety
Wonder kids

Sections and Departments
AKC's list of top 50 breeds (NH)
Animal shelters need donations (NH)
Foster care for military families' dogs (NH)
Golden Toasty wins obedience crown (NH)
Not another boring bone (DD)
Who's looking at your dog's medical records? (LO)
Enalapril does not delay heart failure in dogs with murmer (CU)
Experts to monitor 300 search and rescue dogs (CU)
Fighting fleas and ticks (CU)
Surgery stops bizarre behavior (CU)
Amyloidosis (AV)
Microchipping (AV)
Nasal solar dermatitis (AV)
Biting (SS)
Getting your dog to go outside in the rain (BB)
Best breed for children (ADF)
Grooming for Wirehaired Dachshunds (ADF)
Brushing tips for double-coated dogs (GT)
New York City (DEST)
"Caddy shag" (former shelter dog helps golfer on the links) (RD)
Book Reviews: Ain't Misbehavin, John C. Wright, Ph.D.; A Breed Apart, William Secord; It's the Law, William J. Winn; Real Food for Dogs, Arden Moore
"Walking the walk" (deaf and blind dog still enjoys his walks) (PERS)

June 2002

JUNE 2002

Breed Profiles

Braque du Bourbonnais
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Standard Poodle (cover)

Allergy control
Canine communication
The comeback kid (shelter dog becomes a model)
Finding a dog-friendly landlord

Sections and Departments
Foreign "King" crowned Crufts winner (NH)
Frankford Volunteer Fire Dept. rescues puppy trapped in drainpipe (NH)
Free pets for seniors (NH)
Tour for life - North Shore Animal League's 2 mobile adoption centers (NH)
Toys promote responsible dog care (NH)
Save on medical care (DD)
What's a dog's life worth? (LO)
AKC Health Foundation's web forum (CU)
Diabetes study could reveal cause (CU)
Mutant gene discover could save Collies (CU)
New cures for cancer, dental and eye care, skin allergies (CU)
Tea tree oil (CU)
This dog's voice changed (CU)
Woman donates her pacemaker to ailing German Shepherd Dog (CU)
Allergy-free breeds (AV)
Can a dog be neutered if his testicles haven't dropped? (AV)
Ear cropping - when is the best time and can you do it yourself? (AV)
Altering your voice when speaking to your dog (SS)
Crates (SS)
Disaster plans (SS)
Doggie doorbells (SS)
Games - fetch, red light green light, find it (SS)
Really reliable recall (SS)
Snakes (SS)
Teach your dog to share the bed (SS)
Aggression in older dogs (BB)
Cardigan Welsh Corgis and back problems (ADF)
Do dogs commit suicide? (ADF)
Leaving for college (ADF)
Sable colored Cocker Spaniels not acc epted by AKC (ADF)
Ear care (GT)
Nantucket, Mass. (DEST)
"Bombs Away" (Seattle-Tacoma Airport bomb-sniffer) (RD)
Book Reviews: ASPCA Complete Guide to Pet Care, David L. Carroll; The Dog Lover's Companion to New England, JoAnna Downey and Christian J. Law; Michelle and Me: The Incredible True Stories of a K9 Search and Rescue Team, Tom Shelby; Official Book of the Irish Setter, Connie Vanacore
"Beauty in the beast" (once afraid of dogs, activist now champions their cause) (PERS)

July 2002

JULY 2002

Breed Profiles

Rottweiler (Cover)
Black and Tan Coonhound
American Pit Bull Terrier

Apartment dogs
Missions of love (dogs with disabilities)
Well-groomed dog photo contest results
Working with dogs

Sections and Departments
Presa Canarios (NH)
Can my dog land me in jail? (LO)
Personalized dog gifts (DD)
Help your dog overcome stress (CU)
Diet and lifestyle changes to keep your dog fit and trim (CU)
Supplements (CU)
Summertime tips (CU)
New hope for dogs with kidney disease (CU)
Products: Nutra-Sure Weight Reducer/Fat Absorber; Pedigree Puppy Food; BioSpot Shampoo and Flea and Tick Control (CU)
Titer tests (AV)
Nuclear sclerosis (eye condition) (AV)
Poisonous plants (AV)
Take a hike! (SS)
Fireworks precautions (SS)
Seattle (DEST)
Are two dogs at once too much trouble? (ADF)
Welsh Shepherd (ADF)
Ring a bell to go outside (DW)
Turn your dog's natural tendencies into positive behavior (BB)
Make bath time a splashing success (GT)
Book Reviews: The Other End of the Leash, Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.; The Greatest Dog Stories Ever Told, edited by Patricia M. Sherwood; Dogs Will Be Dogs, St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center; The Pawprints of History, Stanley Coren.
"Surf's Up" - Melvin the surfing dog (RD)
Gear: Eureka WhirlWind LiteSpeed; PetBuckle Brand Safety System; Dog-Opoly; Puppywalk enclosures.
"Room for Two" - an abandoned pup teaches the boundless nature of love.

August 2002


Breed Profiles

Bloodhound (Cover)
Australian Terrier

Canine sports
Lily's story (dog overcomes knee injuries to become agility champ)
Labor of love (plight of homeless animals)
Paws across the water (European dogs)
Book excerpt - If Only They Could Speak, by Nicholas Dodman, BVMS

Sections and Departments
Hok-Get (JRT stranded on oil tanker) (NH)
Animal lover crosses continents to help homeless dogs (NH)
Sculptures help SAR dogs
Chomp Inc. - first U.S. company to stock dog candy in vending machines (NH)
Dogs admitted free to 7th Annual White Sox Dog Day in April (NH)
Cities officially recognize pets as companions rather than property (NH)
Florida service dogs gain status (NH)
Washington animal shelter no longer sells live animals to vet schools (NH)
Dog spas (DD)
Be aware of national park laws before you and your dog go hiking (LO)
Birth control for dogs (non-surgical contraception) (CU)
Dental care (CU)
Feeding dogs less may help them live longer (CU)
Bone grafts used to save limbs (CU)
N.C. Veterinary medical board cracks down on vets without l icenses (CU)
Alternative osteoarthritis treatments - food high in fatty acids and fish oil (CU)
Custom-made mobilizing braces for limbs (CU)
British government considers banning tail-docking (CU)
Are human medications safe for dogs? (AV)
Cataracts in an older dog (AV)
Yeast infection in ear (AV)
Products: Nylabone Dental Chew - can be detected in x-rays; Ark Naturals' Sea Mobility Chicken and Beef Jerky Strips; Heinz Pet Products' joint and hip formula food; Tape Worm Tabs
Host a dog party (SS)
Importance of dog tags (SS)
Bar Harbor, Maine (DEST)
Go to your spot (DW)
Dog hates to be left alone, but doesn't like riding in car (ADF)
Does a dog's tongue flip up or down when drinking? (ADF)
Dingoes (ADF)
Dachshund rubbing back on floor (ADF)
Three simple steps to successful housetraining (BB)
How to strip wiry coats (GT)
Book Reviews: Pet Care in the New Century, Amy D. Shojai; How to Take Great Pet Pictures, Ron Nichols; Chihuahuas for Dummies, Jacqueline O'Neill; Skyhoundz Canine Disc Championships, produced by Peter Bloeme (video)
Scuba diving dog (RD)
Gear: Sherpa To-Go Pet Carrier and Tote; Rope-n-Go Pet Harness; EK Dogteen; Dog-E-Licious Ice Pudding
"The Love Junkie" - trauma turns distant dogs into affection aficionado (PERS)


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