September - December 2002

Featured Breeds: Welsh Springer Spaniel, Briard, Pudelpointer American Bulldog, Cairn Terrier, Tibetan Mastiff, Curly-Coated Retriever, Saint Bernard, Belgian Malinois, Boxer, Skye Terrier, Neapolitan Mastiff

Posted: Mon Nov 11 00:00:00 PST 2002

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September 2002


Breed Profiles

Welsh Springer Spaniel

9-11: Our canine heroes
Spinal injuries
Dog-friendly decorating

Sections and Departments
Poster by Fred Stone ill aid fallen firefighters' families (NH)
AKC/Eukanuba American Dog classic takes place Dec. 3 in Long Beach, Calif. (NH)
New trial for Marjorie Knoller (NH)
Seal rescues German Shepherd (NH)
Dogs graduate from "litter class" (NH)
Behind-the-scenes secrets of Bayer's Advantage flea treatment commercials (NH)
Bella, the SAR dog inducted into Calif. Veterinary Medical Association's Hall of Fame (NH)
Do you have a veterinary claim? (LO)
Free merchandise on the internet (DD)
Hospice care (CU)
Drug combination helps Dobermans' hearts (CU)
Exercise-induced collapse (CU)
Research reveals new treatments and tests (CU)
Help for slipping seniors - cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CU)
Heartworm on the rise (CU)
Hair discoloration (AV)
Protein-rich urine kills grass (AV)
Brush teeth daily for fewer cleanings (AV)
Help for deaf dog (AV)
Products: Waltham Canine Veterinary Diet Early Cardiac Support; Vet Skin Solution (for skin irritations, hot spots, warts, fungal infections); Wood ramps from Pet Classics
Age-related behavior problems (SS)
Why do puppies play keepaway? (SS)
Dog park etiquette (SS)
Teach your dog to respond even when faced with distractions (BB)
Back up (DW)
Bored Basset Hound (ADF)
Car chasing (ADF)
Finding the "perfect" dog (ADF)
Welsh Corgi hates going for walks (ADF)
Chicago (DEST)
The perfect pedicure (GT)
Gear: HouseSaver Pet Stain and Odor Remover; Dinner Party Nutritious Food Enhancers; The Spa Bed; WetnOz products (bowls, placemats, goodie jars)
Book Reviews: Animal House Style, Julia Szabo; The Diary of Lucy Blue, Janice Mitchell; What's Up With My Dog?, Bruce Fogle, DVM; Teaching Basic Obedience, Alexandra Powe Allred
Rescued Bloodhound sniffs out the missing (RD)
"Who'd want him?" - cast-off dog proves handicap need not hamper life (PERS)

October 2002


Breed Profiles

American Bulldog
Cairn Terrier
Tibetan Mastiff

Assistance dogs
Canine Good Samaritans
Obsessive/Compulsive behaviors

Sections and Departments
Adopt-a-dog month (NH)
Utah police give free leashes to dog owners caught letting their dogs run loose (NH)
Marjorie Knoller sentenced to four years in state prison (NH)
Natural History Museum of L.A. County exhibit: Dogs: Wolf, Myth, Hero & Friend (NH)
IMAX film explores the relatio nship between humans and their canine companions (NH)
Golden Retriever wins AKC National Obedience Champion honors (NH)
National Dog Show broadcast for first time - Nov. 14 - 17 in Philadelphia (NH)
Pet passports (NH)
Divorced couple denied joint custody of their dog (NH)
Leash laws (LO)
Save money and help a dog - CouPETS (DD)
Dog gets kidney transplant (CU)
Paw care (CU)
Winterize your dog (CU)
Ester-C eases joint pain naturally (CU)
Contraceptive for male dogs (CU)
Weight management study pairs people with their dogs (CU)
Five stages of euthanasia (AV)
Products: Telescoping Dog Ramp; MAX Beef Meal and Rice Dinner/Max Senior from Nutro Products; ProHeart 6 injections; Vetbasis Healthy Breath and Body; Active Care Healthy Joint Formula from Breeder's Choice Pet Foods; Champ! Chewable nutrition pebbles from International Veterinary Sciences
Ten tips to keep your home-alone dog occupied (SS)
Why do dogs fetch? (SS)
Halloween safety tips (SS)
Santa Fe, N.M. (DEST)
Teach 'Stay' the 3-D way (BB)
Using a head collar (ADF)
How long should dogs take obedience classes? (ADF)
Dog terrified of loud noises (ADF)
Getting a pedigree (ADF)
Put the fluff back in your Poodle (GT)
Book Reviews: For the Love of a Dog, Elisabeth Rose; Understanding and Handling Dog Aggression, Barbara Sykes; Dogs, Desmond Morris; A Guide to Dog Sports, Clair Koshar
Labrador Retriever saves her drowning owner (RD)
Gear: Petmates Deluxe Edition Wire Kennel; Dognose ID; Old Mother Hubbard - Mother's Treats; Painted Paws 8x10 block prints
"The three lives of Sybil" - farm pup makes transition to city life and back (PERS)

November 2002


Breed Profiles

Curly-Coated Retriever
Saint Bernard
Belgian Malinois

Senior diets
The dog will see you now (dogs as therapists)
Winter sports
Dog owner's guide to home insurance

Sections and Departments
A dog-friendlier airline (NH)
Man goes to prison for killing dog (NH)
Benji's trainer dies (NH)
Great Greyhound Goodwill Air Tour (NH)
Toy Poodle gets into Guiness Book of World Records for most tricks (NH)
Dog sculpture promotes art (NH)
Service dogs go everywhere with their disabled handlers (LO)
Pacemakers (CU)
Veterinary specialists (CU)
New elbow gets arthritic dogs moving (CU)
Learn about West Nile virus (CU)
Preventative medicine (CU)
10 steps to senior health (CU)
Younger dogs get hip evaluations (CU)
Missed booster shot (AV)
How soon should a dog be spayed? (AV)
Products: Active Life dog food; Earth's Balance Itch Free spray; Pet-Temp thermometer; Petrodex Dental Chews
How to take better dog pictures (SS)
Why do puppies paw at us? (SS)
Teach your dog to eliminate in a specific place (DW)
Salt Lake City. (DEST)
Controlling excessive barking (BB)
Best age for dogs to start participating in sports (ADF)
How old is a dog before it's considered a senior? (ADF)
Training three dogs at once (ADF)
When sharing the bed, why does dog moan when owner moves? (ADF)
Maltese growls when playing (ADF)
Taming static electricity (GT)
Book Reviews: The Good Life, Mordecai Siegel and Matthew Margolis; Rescue Rover!, Marie K. Whelan; Hospice Hounds, Michelle A. Rivera; A-1 K-9, Anet Haithcox
Shih Tzu helps convict an intruder (RD)
Gear: Fl ea-Free Breeze (spray); Dunitz & Company's Beaded Leather Collars; Fun Friends cell phone, remote control covers; jeffweberpets inc's Ear Cleaner.
Back on the sidewalk again English Cocker's persistence gives owner courage to heal (PERS)

December 2002


Breed Profiles
Skye Terrier
Neapolitan Mastiff

Eddie's Gift (owner repays dog's years of life-giving service)
Cancer crusade
Editor's Choice 2002
Happy Kids, Happy Dogs photo contest winners

Sections and Departments
AKC/Eukanuba dog show expands and gets new name (NH)
Ice rescue training (NH)
Airline bans specific breeds (NH)
Controversial canine cologne (NH)
HSUS publishes booklets promoting pet-friendly rental housing (NH)
Canine campers get their own gear (NH)
Post office issues stamps promoting responsible pet ownership (NH)
Holiday cards from Guide Dogs for the Blind (NH)
Florida girl makes K9 cops safer (NH)
Breed rescues descry new law (NH)
Legislation by the breed (LO)
Gifts for your good dog (DD)
Bloat prevention (CU)
Narcolepsy (CU)
Heimlich saves dog (CU)
Dog's coat can indicate health problems (CU)
Frostbite (CU)
Blind dog still loves to hunt (CU)
Dangers of chocolate (AV)
Nosebleed diagnosis (AV)
Products: Anxiety wrap; K9-Rx nutritional supplement; TiterCheck CDV/CPV (test to check antibodies for distemper and parvovirus
Healthy holidays (SS)
Why do dogs chase cars? (SS)
Wipe your paws (DW)
Stowe, Vt. (DEST)
The best toys to help prevent behavior problems (BB)
Best time to feed your dog (ADF)
Ear cropping (ADF)
Dog that guards socks (ADF)
Using baby powder on dogs (ADF)
Winterize your dog's coat (GT)
Book Reviews: Dog Culture, Ken Foster; Living With a Shih Tzu, edited by Josephine Johnson; Fuzzy Logic, Darby Conley; Housetraining for Dummies, Susan McCullough
Heroic dog saves family from fire and makes history (RD)
Gear: Just Puppies ornaments; Pride Pet Images calendars; Holiday Dogs Menorah; Teddy's dog treats in holiday shapes
The dog who came for Christmas: Miracle or coincidence, canine wayfarer spreads holiday joy (PERS)


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