May - August 2003

Featured Breeds: English Cocker Spaniel, Leonberger, Keeshond, American Water Spaniel, Dogue de Bordeaux, Bernese Mountain Dog, Clumber Spaniel, Toy Fox Terrier, Borzoi, Bedlington Terrier, Mastiff

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May 2003

MAY 2003

Breed Profiles
English Cocker Spaniel

Positive Placement
From stray to hooray.

Get outta town!
Great destinations.

Who let the dogs in?
Dog-friendly hotels come in a range of types and prices.

Fight fleas and ticks
What you must know to protect your dog.

Spectacular 7
Meet the 2003 Westminster Dog Show top winners.

English Cocker Spaniel: Happy hunter
Afield or at home, the energetic English Cocker Spaniel lives to be by your side.

French Bulldog: Short and sweet
The impish Frenchie embodies joie de vivre.

Leonberger: Leo the lionheart
The Leonberger gives its family a kingly share of love and loyalty.

Sections and Departments
Checkup: the price of love
PLUS: Travel bugs

Sit, Stay: Take the safe route

Real Dogs: Dog nabs arsonists

June 2003

JUNE 2003

Breed Profiles
American Water Spaniel
Dogue de Bordeaux


Positive Placement
From waif to wonderful.

Training canine defenders
Toys and fun lead to serious work.

Vaccinations: Not if, but when
You and your veterinarian must discuss revised guidelines to create a personalized schedule.

Keeshond: Dutch treat
Smart, congenial, and an ideal size, the Keeshond is the ultimate family friend.

American Water Spaniel: Heartland hunter
A true native, the American Water Spaniel loves field and family.

Dogue de Bordeaux: Devoted Dogue
The massive Dogue do Bordeaux does everything in a huge way.

Get that dog a job
With a little of your time, any dog can be a working dog.

The Sorvinos star in: Dogfellas
Famous family rescues big dogs in New York and Los Angeles.

Sections and Departments

Checkup: Sunshine safety
PLUS: Think before she leaps

Sit, Stay: The ultimate canine bookshelf

Real Dogs: Jump to it

July 2003

JULY 2003

Featured Breeds
Bernese Mountain Dog
Clumber Spaniel
Toy Fox Terrier


Make your dog water safe
What you need to know to protect your dog.

The joy of mixed breeds
Owners find joy in mixed breeds' one-of-a-kind looks and vibrant personalities.

Dollar and sense
You can afford quality health care for your dog.

Pawsitive placement
Internet helps lucky Leo find a home.

Bernese Mountain Dog: A breed with pull
Striking in looks and loving in nature, the Bernese Mountain Dog earns high marks as a family companion.

Clumber Spaniel: Easy does it
The Clumber Spaniel is at home just about anywhere and up for just about anything.

Toy Fox Terrier: Double duty
The Toy Fox Terrier blends compact size and scrappy attitude.

Legally Blond 2's canine star
Moon Doggie charms the actors of Reese Witherspoon sequel.

Sections and Departments

Checkup: What's your dog really eating?

Sit, Stay: 10 steps to good manners in a crowd

Real Dogs: Barking lands Cosmo in Hall of Fame

August 2003


Breed Profiles
Bedlington Terrier


Seniors on the move
If dogs could read, these four stories would inspire oldsters to keep going.

Come what may
A guide to senior dog's common health problems.

< P>Hoping for homes
Older orphans find refuge through unique programs.

Pawsitive placement
Tank rolls into his new digs.

Borzoi: Amazing grace
Independent yet affectionate, the Borzoi needs space to run and someone to love.

Bedlington Terrier: Terrier in sheep's clothing
The Bedlington has the heart of a lamb, but remember, he's a terrier, too.

Mastiff: Lots of love
The giant Mastiff watches over his family with quiet authority.

Checkup: A check a day

Sit, Stay: Bringing home kitty

Real Dogs: Super Sue defies age to win tip titles


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