September - December 2003

Featured Breeds: Maltese, Kuvasz, Otterhound, American Foxhound, Belgian Tervuren, Presa Canario, Irish Water Spaniel, Akita, Tibetan Terrier, Golden Retriever, Bouvier des Flandres, Havanese

Posted: Wed Oct 29 00:00:00 PST 2003

September 2003


Breed Profiles

How to lobby for a dog park
Follow these seven steps to secure your own off-leash heaven.

Pawsitive Placement
Cubby goes from scruff to fluff.

Control food allergies
Could that persistent scratching signal a debilitating allergy?

Purebreds: Are prices right?
Passion, not revenue, drives reputable breeders.

Your most unusual dog names
See our contest winners.

Maltese: Friendship to go
More than gorgeous, the portable Maltese provides companionship with character.

Kuvasz: Hungary's white knight
The Kuvasz meets strangers with a wary eye, but embraces family and flock with legendary devotion.

Otterhound: Court jester of hounds
A rare, shaggy clown, the independent Otterhound needs an energetic owner and room to thrive.

Checkup: The FDA and canine drugs.

Sit, Stay: Three simple tricks for any dog.

Real Dogs: Service dog keeps the game going.

October 2003


Breed Profiles
American Foxhound
Belgian Tervuren
Presa Canario

Foster care 101
It takes heart ... and resources, too. Ask these questions to find out if you're ready to foster.

Get to the roots of hair loss
Hair loss can signal serious medical problems.

Matthew Broderick in Good Boy!
Thanks to this actor, Good Boy!'s canine hero barks in English.

Your funniest photo captions
Get ready to laugh!

Dog Ownership: A happier, more caring you
Benefits range from a healthier body to a happier heart.

Pawsitive Placement
Saving Sara: Deaf Poodle brings joy to injured boy.

American Foxhound: Country gentleman
Admired by George Washington, the American Foxhound thrives on rural pursuits and canine company.

Belgian Tervuren: At your service
High energy and a desire to please make the Belgian Tervuren a star in any doggie endeavor.

Presa Canario: Leader of the pack
Confident and self-assured, this Canary Island native deserves the same qualities in an owner.

Overcome anxiety
Tailor treatment to fit the phobia.

Checkup: When the immune system attacks.

Sit, Stay: Aggressive dog? Or just playful?

Real Dogs: 9/11 SAR dog contributes to veterinary science.

November 2003


Breed Profiles
Irish Water Spaniel
Tibetan Terrier

19 grooming tools explained
Good grooming starts with the right brush and comb.

Rise above neurological disease
Knowledge and symptom management offer your dog quality of life.

Seeing double
Announcing the winners of our Look-Alike Contest.

Irish Water Spaniel: Class clown
Life takes on a new twist or curl with a rollicking Irish Water Spaniel.

Akita: Japan's national treasure
The dignified Akita embodies the courage of a lion and the strength of a bear.

Tibetan Terrier: He'll suit you to a TT
Playful, shaggy, and energetic, the Tibetan Terrier has a mind of his own.

Louder than words
What your body language tells your dog.

Pawsitive Placement
Healing love saves a life.

Checkup: Colder weather calls for special care.

Sit, Stay: Happy, healthy holiday guide.

Real Dogs: Street dog turned Frisbee champ.

December 2003


Breed Profiles
Golden Retriever
Bouvier des Flandres

Take control of your dog's weight
As keeper of the calories, you're in charge of your dog's weight.

Contest winners share their secrets
Announcing our Fat to Fit Contest winners.

Happy howlidays guide
Travel safety tips
Tasty, healthy treats
Gifts that do a dog good

Golden Retriever: Heart of gold
He's often called the perfect family pet, but the Golden Retriever doesn't come pre-trained.

Bouvier des Flandres: Smart Guard
The commanding, intelligent Bouvier thrives on dependable leadership.
Havanese: Latin lover
The charming Havanese needs companionship and happily returns the affection.
Pawsitive Placement
A fighting dog fetches a forever friend.

Checkup: Five signs of a health crisis.

Sit, Stay: Cold-weather fun.

Real Dogs: Disabled dog comforts and inspires kids in need.


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