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thank you to all our sweet friends who helped my itty bitty angel get dog of the day.. we love you and you have been out "ROCK" during all the really rough times over the past several years.. we would not be here..litterally..if it was not for you all.. xoxoxo april 18, 2013: It is still a very difficult day here.. Time will not heal my wound for Sprinkles. It all began early Thursday morning when I had gotten up a little after 5 am because Secret was still sick. After cleaning her up, I knew I really had a lot of stuff to do this week before we left for Missouri....So I looked over at Sprinkles, who was sleeping on her little pink velour heats and reached down and woke her up.. I groomed her, trimmed her nails, gave her a bath and tried to feed her a few time before I left for work.. She was interested, but she wasn't... So i got all my stuff together and had gone outside a little earlier so the garage door was already open and the door "light" had timed itself off when I opened the door to go to my car. I never saw her run past me. I never saw her as I was driving off for another day of work. Apparently she had darted out the door as I went out and she was so tiny and so black that she just slipped past me unobserved. I drove away not knowing Sprinkles was outside her safe zone that I have worked so very hard to build for her. When I came home and immediately, as always, went to check on her, I found she was no where to be found. I was panicking..Not knowing where she was.. I looked every where many times in the house, in the yard, and then searching the neighborhood. I was so lucky to have so many close friends show up to help me look for her. As we were really getting into a thorough search, one of my neighbors out of my culdesac told me he had seen a small black dog with silky hair. She was laying in the road and was dead. When I went to where he pointed where she was, there was a lot of blood... I was devastated. Her little body apparently had been picked up by the trash man and she was chucked into the garbage and gone for me forever. How heartbreaking. She deserved so much more and I feel that if I had NOT have met such a horrific demise... Was she terrified? Did she KNOW what was happening? Did she even SEE whatever it was that ran over her?? I cannot believe I let her down and it will always be MY OWN personal Hell in my heart knowing she would still be here with me safe and sound if I hadn't strayed from my routine and I had not deemed myself so busy that I needed to get a jump on doing the pups' groomings and make some more time for other things to try and shove into my eternally busy life... Anyway.. this is what I will always know and feel...I never thought I would ever be free of sorrow and loss for the untimely death of my brother, but this is something that had ripped my heart out and I will never overcome it.. Sprinkles passed away April 18, 2013.


Sprinkles~always in our hearts

Sprinkles~always in our hearts

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Updated on 4/21/2013


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kokola   dallars, TX

4/1/2016 5:44:23 AM

This is the most adorable puppies i wanna get now

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Paula - 109280   St Antoine, FRANCE, International,

7/31/2015 5:56:05 AM

Grant pawing last vote of July ( 2,929) Angel Red Sonja for DOTM! See you tomorrow!

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Paula - 109280   St Antoine, FRANCE, International,

7/28/2015 10:29:19 AM

Day DOTM vote for Angel Red Sonja 2,880 from Grant! Almost there!

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Paula - 109280   St Antoine, FRANCE, International,

7/25/2015 5:47:35 AM

Saturday vote 2,815 for DOTM Angel Red Sonja! One week and you will be a Queen from Heaven back to Earth♥

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